Liana Gabel

November 2019

 “Fool” Music Video

electric WELL worked with local folk artist and musician Liana Gabel, now represented by Rhyme and Reason Records, to create a video for her song “Fool” on her 2017 album Go Outside.

To create the video, we teamed up with Angel Gates who headed up the cinematography. In a day of creative exploration, we searched for ways to give voice to Liana’s jazzy track full of stories of dating flawed men and her process of evolution beyond playing the same role again and again.

To highlight this movement we show her tap-dancing, physically representing her experiences, as well as giving her advice from a small cafe table. Red and black suggest both the passion and the tragedy as well as give a rich but restrained color palette.


Patreon Video

electric WELL collaborated with Liana again to make a charming and sweet Patreon Video encouraging supporters to pitch in a help Liana continue to make music on a monthly basis.



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