Hudson Valley NVC


Website Design

electric WELL worked with Hudson Valley NVC to rebrand and create a new website migrating from the platform to a more versitile default WordPress install.

Since non-violent communication is about connecting to people and expressing things in a way that can be heard by the listener, we opted to use large easy-to-digest panels and big capitalized text that colorfully and cheerfully invites the visitor to find NVC events and practioners locally.

Logo Design

Inherited from a previous organizational lead, the logo was due for a refresh and so we used the original concept of two interlocking circles but added a splash of brightness and variety using references and inspiration from Katherine Betts, championing the rebrand.

The stacked gradient brushstroke style using a range of blend modes moves the look and feel away from a simple duo or tri-tone color palette to something a little more zany and eclectic which shines and shimmers with rich color gradations.

Graphic Design

In addition to website and logo, we also generated some custom icons for the website and visual assets useable for projects moving forwards.

Using this layered gradient approach offers a fun way to get things moving and adds a little spice to what can often be corporate-feeling icon sets.

More Websites & Logos

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