Commonwealth Hudson Valley


Website Design

electric WELL worked with project founder Evelyn Wright to create a dynamic and clean content website focusing on the potential of worker-owned cooperatives, local business development and an economy that works for all.

The website includes a range of post layouts, a sticky sidebar and sleek modern design.

Simple colors, lots of visual space and and clear navigation, help create an elegant viewing experience that leads the reader to the stories they’re looking for. 

Logo Design

The initial phase of the logo design process was identifying the themes and values of the project. After a series of conversations, collaboration in a horizontal way jumped out.

Over a series of iterations mainly experimenting with tools in Sketch, we came up with a geometric logo which holds an octogonal pattern yet each element is a range of different shapes with a different number of faces, a visual way of showing the outcome of collaboration: people working through their differences, keeping their identities but also working to become something larger.

Below are a series of iterations which started with more literal images of productivity like grain and windmills before going more abstract, in part inspired by Wrights career in data.

Process Images

Graphic Design & Social Media

After having produced a logo and website, we continued our work with Commonwealth Hudson Valley producing business cards and an invite postcard for a launch event we helped inspire and produce.

We used a lovely square format for the business card to showcase our minimal logo as well as variant weights to accent the invite.

The launch event received excellent turnout and was livestreamed by Radio Kingston.

Using these same assets we also generated social media graphics for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Post Illustration

In addition to designin the website, logo and other visual collatoral, we collaborated with Commonwealth Hudson Valley to illustrate almost every post on the site throughout the lifespan of the project.

Post images are inspired directly by the text and usually makes oblique and satirical references to the themes and ideas contained in the post.

More Websites & Logos

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