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June 2018 – October 2018

Website Design

electric WELL worked with CommonShare to create a simple one-page website that tells the story of the organization’s mission of community development.

Through a series of animated and graphically rich panels, the site shows CommonShare’s model and how it might work. The fully responsive website features soft fade animations which add a dynamic element to the design.


Logo Design

electric WELL developed this simple geometric logo for Commonshare, an organization that focuses on community and place. Since these are the core themes, the logo is comprised of a pivoted sequence of shapes almost identical to place icons in Google Maps, a widely recognized indicator for location.

Pivoted into an octagonal pattern, this icon of place becomes more like a wheel or a flower which also suggesting convergence: each on the place icons point to the same spot, a way of referencing the importance of the local communities CommonShare aims to support. 

App Design

For an earlier version of CommonShare’s concept, electric WELL developed an interactive prototype of an app which would eventually serve as CommonShare’s primarily platform.

The mockup features a series of steps towards identifying a local investment through location-based filters, making a monetary commitment, and finally shows an example of a user profile.


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