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Tola Brennan

artist for hire


Tola Brennan (b. 1990, New York) is a multi-disciplinary artist concentrating primarily on music but also working with visual components.

Alongside two musical multimedia projects, Space Witch (techno and generative art) and and Faun (psychedelic bass and visionary visuals), Tola has worked as an independent contractor offering a range of creative services inspired and informed by a lifetime of working with the creative process.

Whether your needs are digital promotion (branding, websites, logos) or content (writing, video production, motion graphics), you’ll embark upon a co-creative collaborative process that challenges you to think deeply about the reasons behind your endeavors and the goals you want to achieve.

By entering into a space of uncertainty and by being willing to ask tough questions, we work together to surface results that really hold up over time and hold genuine meaning. By taking this journey, your project will feel more grounded and powerful, letting you reach a wider audience and allowing you to authentically reach your greatness.

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