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electric WELL is a marketing and creative studio specializing in video.

Clarify. Crystalize. Grow. Evolve.

electric WELL supports your business or project using a variety of creative approaches that elevate and uplift your presentation and vision.


Web+Graphic+Logo Design


Video+Photo+Motion Graphics


Social Media+Narrative+SEO


Business Apps+CRM+Hosting

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electric WELL
14 Pearl St.
Kingston, NY 12401

electric WELL

14 Pearl St. Kingston, NY 12401
Tola Brennan
Creative Polymath
I have a diverse creative background that started in my early teenage years with animation, drawing, painting and sculpture along with some film and photography. Did I mention lots of music? And printmaking. And writing. Also coding. That scintillating mix sent me off to SAIC in Chicago for a couple years before I did some music videos and short films.

Then I studied spirituality at Hunter College and nabbed an MA in journalism from CUNY before working at Omega Institute as a video producer. Now I run marketing for True Mirror (really check them out) and in the remaining time that I’m not crooning, I’m here to help you go full-on jazz.

Transformation is a process of clarification.
The narrative and visual form which crystalizes your work must emerge from muddle to achieve growth and momentum.

As your work and life journey becomes ever more complex, it can be hard to recognize the vision, especially if what you do is not already grounded in presentation.

You want to share your work with beauty and technological ease, but you hit walls. Don’t stop there.

Setting a high bar isn’t about dollars. It’s mindset, especially with aesthetics. And your business values are more powerful than a team of copywriters.

You’re not unlimited, but you’re closer than you realize.

Together, we’ll find your way.